The SAFE DRIVING PROGRAM (a.k.a. the Drug & Alcohol Class) is the DMV minimum requirement to be eligible to take a road test in Connecticut. Epic offers very flexible programs allowing students to complete their hours in the afternoon, evening and/or weekends. 
What is included in the program?

8 HOURS OF CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION: The classroom instruction starts every week and can be taken at any order. We offer the following options:

  • 4 (two-hour) sessions

  • 2 (four-hour) sessions 

  • 1 (eight-hour) session 

       ADULTS: The four classes are (A, B, C, D) 


  • Class A: Road Rage, Tailgating, Overconfidence, Driver Behavior

  • Class B: Speed, Distractions, Move-over law, Construction Zones, Belt Use

  • Class C: Drunk Driving

  • Class D: Driving under the Influence of Other Drugs, Drowsiness


The Safe Driving Program does not include driving lessons, but the following packages combine the SAFE DRIVING with driving lessons:


  • DMV TEST PACKAGE: Safe Driving + 2 hours of driving lessons + Epic Car for a DMV Test

    • This package is ideal for someone who has significant driving experience and would like to get a few tips around the DMV and test using the driving school car.

  • LEARNER'S PACKAGE: Safe Driving + 8 hours of driving lessons

    • This package is recommended for students with some driving experience but is not yet ready for the road test. Our instructors will cover all maneuvers and ​driving environments.

  • BEGINNER'S PACKAGE: Safe Driving + 16 hours of driving lessons

    • ​This package is meant for students having a hard time learning how to drive. It allows time to work with a professional instructors to address fears, struggles and work on specific driving skills.