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Community Outreach Program

Giving Back

We are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve offering free or low-cost driver education


In order to reach the families and students with financial needs, we partner with local not-for-profit organizations 


Not-for-profit organizations may also use our packages to raise funds for noble social causes.

Easy Sign up!

Complete the application below and one of our representatives will contact you. 

Epic Community Outreach Program is designed to serve as a tool for not-for-profit organizations, high schools, churches to help low-income families afford obtaining a driver’s license.


Epic Driving School will work with the families to provide free of cost:


     a) Safe Driving Class (8-hour DMV mandatory program)

     b) Help in completing DMV forms

     c) Verify the student’s documentation

     d) Schedule the road test at the DMV for the student. 


This program does not include DMV fees, driving lessons or car rental for DMV testing


Interested organizations are encouraged to complete the application below, a representative from Epic will contact your organization. When approved, the organization will be able to send us the student’s information. The student will have 30 days to contact us and schedule hi/her classes.



The voucher can also be used by the organization in fundraising events and/or raffles as long as the funds are used for a charitable cause.


Epic Driving School shares the importance of giving back to the communities where it works and believes this act of giving can influence the future of many people in our community.

This project is available in all cities where Epic Driving School has offices. 



For details or more info, call Joe Afonso at our general phone number: 203-212-3000.  


Thank you for being our partner is this project.  

Application Form
What type of organization are you?
What information from Epic would you be able to display at your location:
What will the class vouchers be for?

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Community Outreach Program

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