Skip the DMV...take your road test with us!


We are here to help you along the way. From the application to the test date, you will not have to do it alone.


The school is located in a low-traffic environment. Compared with the DMV, it is far less hectic! Peace of mind! 


Our friendly staff is available to answer questions students may have and cover the topics included on the DMV road test.

Sign up!

It is easy to register. Students between 16 and 21 can either register below or call our office to schedule.

How to sign up for the test?

Call Epic Driving School (203) 212-3000, stop by at the office to schedule the test or choose the location below:
(Students must take at least two hours of driving lessons at the driving school in order to test)

Payments & Fees

We can only hold a spot when a payment is received for the test. All payments must be received no later than 48 hours prior to the test date.

When is the teen driver eligible to test?

Student drivers who are between 16 and 21are eligible to take the DMV Road Test at a driving school after the mandatory waiting period from the permit date.
             THE WAIT TIME FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE 16 or 17:

                    Full Teen Program        120 days

                    Safe Driving Program   180 days  

             THE WAIT TIME FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE 18 to 21:

                    Safe Driving Program     90 days  


                    Regardless of Age     14 days

What documents are required?
  • Learner’s Permit

  • Fully completed DMV Form R229 (signed by a parent, if minor)

  • Epic Student Application

  • If previously failed a road test, DMV $40.00 receipt  

Scheduling the Test

What can I do to get ready?
What Documents do I need for the Road Test?
What us I think I am not ready?

Cancellations must be made a week in advance in order to avoid cancellation fees.

The following have to be considered in preparation for the test:

  • The student must have completed all classes and lessons prior to the test date.

  • The student must have taken 40 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a parent/guardian, and at least 4 hours with Epic Driving School.

  • If the teen driver has failed a road test at the DMV, he/she must have paid the $40.00 DMV test fee and bring the receipt for the test.

  • Complete and sign all documents (School Application and DMV Form R229)

  • CT DMV Learner’s Permit

  • Form 229 signed by a parent/guardian

  • CS1 - Certificate of Conclusion (will be issued by the school)

Getting ready for the Test

What to expect when you arrive

As soon as you arrive, sign in. The DMV inspector will call students on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to verify the paperwork.

What do I need to have for testing?
What do I need to keep after testing?

Epic Driving School values our student’s time and we arrive on time. We depend on the DMV’s inspector’s punctuality  and cannot guarantee their timeliness.

  • Connecticut Learner’s Permit

  • If you have an eye-glass restriction, bring your glasses or contact lenses

  • Appropriate footwear (No flip flops/sandals)

  • Connecticut Learner’s Permit

  • CS1 Certificate (Yellow Paper) from the driving school

  • R279 (Pink Paper) from the DMV inspector

These documents will have to be presented to the DMV to obtain your license. 

The day of the Test

How to obtain a license after passing the test?

​Congratulations for passing the test! In two business days you will be able to go to the DMV and obtain your license. Please bring the following

  • Connecticut Learner’s Permit

  • CS1 Certificate (Yellow Paper) from the driving school

  • R279 (Pink Paper) from the DMV inspector

  • $84.00 License Fee

The teen driver must be present to take a new picture. When you arrive, go to the general information line an obtain a ticket. The DMV will print a paper license and mail your the original. As soon as you obtain the paper license, you are allowed to drive by yourself, until then you still must follow permit-holder regulations. 

If you test @ EPIC ANSONIA , your license will

                                          only be available at the Hamden DMV

If you test @ EPIC BRIDGEPORT, your license will

                                          only be available at the Bridgeport DMV

If you test @ EPIC BETHEL, DANBURY , BROOKFIELD your license will

                                           only be available at the Danbury DMV

What happens if the student does not pass?

If you do not pass, you will need to wait more than 14 days in order to re-test. The school will need the following ​regardless if you are testing with us again:

  • Copy fo your Connecticut Learner’s Permit

  • Completed and signed R229 form

  • Check or money order in the amount of $40.00 paid to the
    Department of Motor Vehicle

  • Epic re-test fee of $59 (to schedule another test with us)

After the Test