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  • How old do I need to be to enroll?
    You must be 16 years old to attend a driving school program.
  • What are the requirements to get a driver’s license?
    In order to obtain a driver’s license a student must have completed: ​ FULL TEEN PROGRAM - 30 classroom hours and 8 hours behind the wheel instruction and had a learner’s permit for at least 120 days. OR SAFE DRIVING (Drug & Alcohol) PROGRAM - 8 classroom hours and had a learner’s permit for at least 180 days.
  • Can I start my classes at Epic Driving School without a permit?
    You can and should start a driver education program before you take your permit test. We recommend completing the classroom portion before going to the DMV. To obtain a Connecticut permit, register on-line:
  • What is a learner’s permit and how do I get one?
    All new drivers in Connecticut regardless of age must obtain a learner’s permit before they can practice driving on the road. You can get a permit at most DMVs and you will need to make an appointment prior to showing up. Appointments can be made through the DMV website. To obtain a permit you must: • Be at least 16 years old • Pay the permit fee online ($59) • Pass vision and written test (A passing grade is 20 out of 25 questions) If a student takes a full teen program, he/she must wait at least 120 days before taking the road test. Without the full teen program, the wait time is 180 days.
  • When are the classes?
    Under each location tab above, we have a full calendar for your location. For your convenience, Epic Driving School organizes the calendar in a regular pattern to help parents organize their schedule.
  • Is Epic flexible?
    Very much so; if you miss a class, call us to reschedule at any of our branches.
  • How are behind the wheel lessons scheduled?
    The teacher will pass around availability sheets during the classroom sessions for students to select their hours. If you prefer to complete as soon as possible, please call us at (203) 212-3000 and we’ll schedule with you over the phone. You may also come to our Danbury, Bridgeport, West Hartford Hub Offices and schedule in person.
  • Is it required to have some experience driving before I start my driving lessons?
    Not at all! Some students arrive at Epic to start from the beginning; while others have years of experience. No matter your level of experience, we tailor our behind-the-wheel program around your needs. It is always recommended to get a few hours of practice in between lessons to practice the lessons learned.
  • Who is required to attend the two-hour parent class?
    Students between 16 and 17 must bring at least one of his/her parents for the class.
  • Can my son/daughter get insurance discounts for completing one of the driver's ed programs?
    This is a frequest question from parents and students. Each insurance company makes its own decisions on what discounts can be claimed by policy holders. Driving schools cannot promise discounts. When discounts are available, the insurance company typically asks for the CS1 certificate from the driving school which will be awarded to you on your last day of class. Call your company to find out if they do.
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