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Start your classes at any time and take them in any order. The schedule the way you want it. Missed a class? No worries, make it up at any Epic location.

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We bring customer service close to you. While some schools have one centralized office, Epic has an office close to you offering a small-town feel.


With years of experience teaching driver's education we offer a complete driver education. Our friendly instructors undergo constant training. 

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It is easy to register. Students  16 and older can sign up by clicking, by phone or visiting one of our local offices.

The FULL TEEN PROGRAM is the most popular among teens. It significantly reduces the student driver’s waiting time from 180 days to 120 days.  It also recommended because it is the most comprehensive program to prepare teens for the road.
What is included in the program?

30 HOURS OF CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION: The classroom instruction starts every month. It consists of ten (15) two-hour classes. Students learn from a variety of topics ranging from starting the vehicle to the physics of driving in a very fun and intuitive manner. Including 2-HOUR PARENT CLASS: Parents and students come together for a 2-hour parent class to discuss teen traffic laws/regulations, driving safely and how to better prepare for the driving lessons (Students 16/17 are required to attend).

       The fifteen classes are (Parent, A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)     
            LETTERS are behavior-related and mandatory to obtain a license

            NUMBERS are skill-related and reduce the wait time to obtain a license

  • Parent Class: GDL laws, Driving Together, Setting the Example

  • Class A: Road Rage, Tailgating, Overconfidence, Driver Behavior

  • Class B: Speed, Distractions, Move-over law, Construction Zones, Belt Use

  • Class C: Drunk Driving

  • Class D: Driving under the Influence of Other Drugs, Drowsiness

  • Class 1: Driving 101, Gauges, Controls and Maintenance

  • Class 2: Operating a Vehicle and its Limitations

  • Class 3: Road Signs, Pavement Markings and Traffic Law

  • Class 4: Vision and Space Management

  • Class 5: Physics or Driving and Driving Maneuvers

  • Class 6: Handling Different Driving Environments 

  • Class 7: Sharing the Road (Different Road Users)

  • Class 8: Driving in Adverse Weather

  • Class 9: Mechanical Issues: Handling a Vehicle in Emergencies

  • Class 10: DMV Road Test Preparation 


Epic has a strong driving-lesson curriculum based on the principles of safety and knowledge. Students can schedule one or two hour sessions. 

  • Hour 01: Residential Driving: Pre-drive/entry check, vehicle controls, hand positions, driving in reverse

  • Hour 02: Residential Driving: Basic driving skills, distance mgmt, visual lead, checking behind, turning maneuvers

  • Hour 03: Residential & County Roads: Lane changes, intersections, right of way, speed control

  • Hour 04: City Driving: Turning around, reverse parking (left/right), forward parking

  • Hour 05: City Driving: Parking (reverse, forward, parallel), three-point turn

  • Hour 06: Highway Driving: Highway (if student is ready), heavy traffic

  • Hour 07: Review: Focus on student’s areas of difficulty

  • Hour 08: DMV Road Test Preparation

DMV ROAD TEST @ OUR SCHOOL (Included with the VIP package)
Off-site tests are scheduled at the office or by calling (203) 212-3000 or on-line. We can only hold a spot when a payment is received and the paperwork is signed by the student and a parent.

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Full Teen Program